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Regret Much

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Narrated by Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon & Written by Edwin D. Arceo

Kayo’y tunay na lalaya kapag pinalaya kayo ng Anak.

Juan 8:36

Isa sa pinaka-exhausting na habit is regretting something that you did. Every day, your brain reminds you of a mistake that you made maraming taon na ang nakakalipas. Parang may automatic rewind button ang utak mo. Araw-araw, you cannot escape the condemning thoughts. Nakakapagod, hindi ba? It sucks your energy and makes you feel so bad.

When we remember our wrong decisions, job mistakes, and relationship blunders, ang tendency natin ay to feel regret. Hindi mali na maalala ito, pero when we dwell on these negative thoughts, problems arise. We become depressed, frustrated, angry, and defensive. As a result, nahihirapan tuloy tayong maka-move on.

How do we stop this? The answer is to forgive ourselves. Madalas we are so hard on ourselves. Hindi natin binibigyan ang ating sarili ng allowance to make mistakes. Or masyadong mataas ang standard natin para sa ating sarili that we cannot stand making mistakes. If you are like this, you are being unfair to yourself. You need to start forgiving yourself.

God wants you to be free from regret and self-condemnation. He does not want you to live a life feeling sorry for yourself every day. That is not the abundant life that He wants for you (John 10:10). God wants you to be victorious and to live your life to the full. Remember that Jesus came to set us free. Start experiencing God’s freedom today. Forgive those who have hurt and offended you. And forgive yourself too.

Ask for God’s grace every day. More importantly, experience that grace. God is willing to give it to you when you ask. Allow Him to embrace you tight with His unending love. Hindi ka Niya tatanggihan dahil God loves you so much.

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Lord Jesus, forgive me for being so hard on myself. You gave your Son, Jesus, who died for all my sins and mistakes. I give to You all my  regrets, knowing that  You came to set me free. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


In bullet points, enumerate all the things that you regret. Sa tabi ng bawat isa, isulat mo in big, bold letters ang, “JESUS SET ME FREE!”



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