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Be Kind to Animals

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Jude G. Agbayani

Kahit sa kanyang mga hayop ang matuwid ay mabait, ngunit ang masama kahit kanino ay sadyang mabagsik.

Mga Kawikaan 12:10

Isa ka bang fur mom o fur dad? Dumami ang mga nahilig sa pag-aalaga ng pets lalo na noong pandemic. At hindi lang aso at pusa ang mga alaga — may ibon, rabbit, turtle, at kung anu-ano pa. Sobrang pagmamahal ang ibinibigay ng fur parents sa kanilang mga alaga that they go out of their way to show that love.

God cares for animals too. That’s probably why we have a soft spot for these furry creatures. God created all kinds of living creatures and appointed the first man, Adam, as their caretaker. Now it is our job to care for God’s creation, including animals. Remember how God rescued the animals in the time of Noah? (Genesis 7:8–9)

God is a purposeful God even in His creation of animals. First, our pets fill our emotional needs. Second, animals help humans with manual labor. There are also dogs trained by police, while others are therapy dogs for people with disabilities. Third, animals help balance nature through our exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Sa dami ng naitutulong sa atin ng mga animal, bakit laganap pa rin ang animal cruelty? Marami tayo nakikitang stories of abused animals at nakakadurog ng puso. How can we help care for our furry friends in our way?

First, offer food and water to stray dogs. But be careful in approaching them. Next, show the younger generation how to care for animals. Finally, adopt a dog or a cat. Pet ownership is a serious commitment, which is why careful consideration and prayer are needed to make that decision.

Remember, you don’t have to own an animal to support animals. Knowing they are God’s creation too will remind you to be kind to them in whatever form they may have.

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Lord, thank You for reminding me that animals are also part of your wonderful creation. Give me a new understanding of how I can help care for them and influence others on extending kindness to animals. Amen.


Search for animal advocacy groups on social media and ask how you can help support their cause.



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