Loving the Unlovable

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Narrated by Lara Quigaman & Written by Excel Dyquiangco

Ngunit ito naman ang sinasabi ko, ibigin ninyo ang inyong mga kaaway at ipanalangin ninyo ang mga umuusig sa inyo …

Mateo 5:44

May officemate ka ba na kinaiinisan mo dahil parating late? O kaya ang tatay mo na parati kang sinisita kahit wala ka naman ginagawa? Ang nanay mo who doesn’t let you go to a birthday party? Or how do you feel about your neighbor na matinis magsalita o mahalay manamit? Ang daming nakapaligid sa iyo na pwede mong kainisan!

Loving the unlovable people in your life can be truly a struggle. Meron kasi tayong nature na protektahan ang ating sarili at gawing personal ang mga bagay-bagay. Gayunpaman, how do we deal with our family members, kasamahan sa trabaho, o mga kapitbahay na patuloy na nagbibigay sa atin ng cold shoulder treatment? How do we learn how to love them?

Mahirap gawin pero sabi ni Jesus in today’s verse, “Ngunit ito naman ang sinasabi ko, ibigin ninyo ang inyong mga kaaway at ipanalangin ninyo ang mga umuusig sa inyo.”

So paano natin sila mahalin?

Here are some ways that you can love them.

  • Pray for them.
  • Encourage them.
  • Acknowledge and listen to them.
  • Be patient and compassionate toward them.
  • Compliment them. Find something nice to notice about them (kahit mahirap).
  • Repent of any resentment, bitterness, envy, or hatred you have for them.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. He will help you know kung paano dapat at hindi dapat pakitunguhan ang isang tao. You might discover later on na may pinagdadaanan siyang malaking problema. You might be able to see them in a different light after knowing this. This will then move you to extend more grace to the other person. Loving the unlovable might be hard but it is not impossible. God will give you the extra love to show them.

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Lord, teach me to love the unlovable. Show me how to love them, and to really see them. Help me to be gentle, and to consider other people’s needs too, and not just mine. With your grace and love, I can learn how to love them — just like how You love all of us.


Think about a person that you don’t get along with. Write him/her an encouraging letter, saying that you are praying for them and list the ways you appreciate him/her.



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