MAY 2022

Paghihintay sa Panahon ng Instant

by | 202205, Devotionals

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Narrated by Jamey Santiago-Manual & Written by Jeaneth DP Panti

Ang tao ang nagbabalak, ngunit si Yahweh ang nagpapatupad.

Mga Kawikaan 16:9

Instant coffee.

Instant messaging.

Instant … blessings?

Nabubuhay tayo sa panahon ng instant. Lahat mabilisan. Kaya minsan, even our prayers, we want them answered instantly. Gusto nating malaman ang sagot sa ating dalangin, el pronto!

At dahil sanay tayo sa instant, it’s so challenging — and even frustrating — to wait on God. When we feel God does not answer quickly enough, we are tempted to take matters into our own hands and execute our own plans. Minsan, we force situations and relationships na hindi kalooban ng Panginoon.

God can perform miracles in an instant. He can answer our prayers right away. But there are times when He would close doors of opportunities and say, “Anak, hindi muna ngayon.” You might be trying to push different doors to open them. But praise God for closing doors in our lives and teaching us to wait because God has more insight than we do. Ito ang narealize ni King Solomon nang isulat niya ang Mga Kawikaan 16:9, “Ang tao ang nagbabalak, ngunit si Yahweh ang nagpapatupad.”

Marami man tayong plano at panalangin, kalooban ng Panginoon ang mananaig sa huli. The outcome depends on His will, favor, and timing. Hindi man instant ang blessing, hindi tayo naghihintay sa wala! Ang panahon ng paghihintay ay nagtuturo sa atin makuntento, magpakumbaba, at magtiwala sa Panginoon.

So, wait patiently on the Lord, not in doubt, but in confidence that He has not forgotten you. Wait not in fear, but in faith that His will is good for you. Wait not in discouragement, but with hope that God has a plan, and it will come to pass.

Remember who you are waiting on. You are waiting on a God who knows what’s best, who knows not only what you need but also the exact time that you need it.

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Panginoon, thank You for assuring me that You are in control of everything. While I wait, may You build my character, strengthen me, and mold me into the person that You want me to be. Bigyan po Ninyo ako ng pusong tunay na nagtitiwala sa Inyo. Jesus, let Your will be done in my life. Amen.


In your waiting season, work on improving yourself and your prayer life. Seek wisdom, build friendships, and strengthen your relationship with God.



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