JUNE 2024

The Strength of Silence

by | 202403, Devotionals

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Narrated by Alex Tinsay & Written by Manuel Zabat II

Ang panahon ng pagpunit at panahon ng pagtahi; ang panahon ng pagtahimik at panahon ng pagsasalita.

Ang Mangangaral 3:7

In today’s society, silence is important. Marami kasing benefits ang pananahimik. Una, it provides rest and relaxation for our busy minds. Kapag meron din tayong uninterrupted quiet time, it boosts our creativity as it allows us to pause and think more clearly. Most importantly, quiet times provide an opportunity to create a sacred space in our heart for God to speak. However, time and place for silence are scarce. Alam mo ba na limited na lang ang maituturing na silent places around the world? And because of that, some companies even provide silent spaces through sensory deprivation tanks. Ito ay isang equipment kung saan you will float in water and be deprived of light and sound. Medyo mahal nga lang ito per session. But people are willing to pay the price because they realize the importance of silence and solitude for their own well-being.

Silence is sacred. We see that God often speaks and gives revelation during times of silence. Being still before the Lord enables us to hear the revelation we need in order to follow Him wholeheartedly. Tinawag ni Lord si Samuel sa gitna ng katahimikan. Ang propetang si Elijah ay kinausap rin ni Lord during a quiet moment. God’s presence wasn’t in the fire, earthquake, and thunder; it was through a still, small voice. Even Jesus Christ sought quiet times with God while He was here on earth to fulfill His mission — the salvation of our souls.

There is certainly a time for everything — even for silence. Intentionally taking time to be quiet will help us take care of what truly matters: our souls. Our souls need silence. Our souls need to be still before the Lord.

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Lord Jesus, help me to be still in Your Presence. Help my soul to be quiet and receive grace from Your Spirit. Amen.


Intentionally set a time where you can be quiet and be still before the Lord. Be ready to experience rest and hear a revelation from Him!



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