Build, Don’t Break

by | 202212, Devotionals

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Narrated by Joyce Burton-Titular & Written by Jeaneth Dela Paz Panti

Ang magiliw na salita ay nagpapasigla sa buhay, ngunit ang matalas na pangungusap ay masakit sa kalooban.

Mga Kawikaan 15:4

Have you ever had someone’s words crush your spirit?

Hindi ka nag-iisa. We’ve all heard harsh words that made such a big impact in our lives. Hurtful words that were said to you three days or three years ago could still be living inside you. Masakit pa rin hanggang ngayon. Sa kabilang banda, encouraging words from a loved one or a favorite teacher when you were young could still influence you up to this day. They were life-giving words. Nagbibigay pag-asa. Nagpapasigla ng buhay.

This proves one thing: Our words have power. They take a life on their own after we have released them. And like the person that spoke those words to us, tayo rin, we often forget how crucial our words are. Kaya paalala ng Bible, nagpapasigla ng buhay ang magiliw na salita habang nakakasakit naman ng kalooban ang matalas na dila. Our words can either bring life or crush the spirit.

What if we intentionally guard our words every day? What if we filter our words even before they become words? What if before we speak, we pray and ask God, “Panginoon, kapag po ganito ang sinabi ko, pasisiglahin ko kaya ang kalooban ng makakarinig, o makakasakit ito sa kalooban nila? Will these words encourage or offend? Lord, am I thinking Your way, or mine? Magiging blessing ba ako o pahirap?”

Madali lang maging matalas pero mahirap maging magiliw. Buti na lang, the Holy Spirit can help set a guard over our mouth. So the next time you speak, remember to ask God for wisdom first. Allow Him to filter your words. Words can bring life, healing, love, and encouragement to others. Build, don’t break others with your words.

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Panginoon, salamat po for giving me the opportunity to build others up through my words. May You season my words with love and wisdom, that every time I speak, they will hear You through me. Sana ay magbigay pag-asa at kasiyahan sa mga makakarinig ang mga sinasabi ko.


The next time you’re tempted to say something that won’t build up a person, pause and pray. Kung maaari, pahupain muna ang emosyon then carefully choose your words before you respond. Don’t send that text, write that comment, or say something in person or on the phone until your heart is right.



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