APRIL 2021

Easter Sunday: The Best News of All

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Narrated by Peter Kiaruz & Written by Beng Alba Jones

Makaraan ang Araw ng Pamamahinga ¼ lumakad si Maria Magdalena at ang isa pang Maria upang tingnan ang libingan ni Jesus. Biglang lumindol nang malakas. Bumabâ mula sa langit ang isang anghel ng Panginoon, iginulong ang batong nakatakip sa libingan at umupo sa ibabaw niyon. Sinabi ng anghel sa mga babae, “Huwag kayong matakot; alam kong hinahanap ninyo si Jesus na ipinako sa krus. Wala na siya rito sapagkat siya’y muling nabuhay gaya ng kanyang sinabi. Halikayo’t tingnan ninyo ang pinaglibingan sa kanya.”

Mateo 28:1-2, 5-6

It was the day after Sabbath. Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James, were eager to go to the tomb of Jesus. Even if they were still grieving, they were compelled by duty and their love for Jesus to anoint His body with spices and oil. But when they got there, they were surprised by what they found. Or rather, by what they didn’t find.

Three days after He died, Jesus defied the laws of nature and conquered death. He left the linen covering His body and got out of the tomb. The women might not have arrived in time to see Him pero may anghel na nagsabi sa kanilang, “He is not here anymore. He kept His Word. Nabuhay Siyang muli.”

Jesus raised three other people from the dead during His time on earth. But what made His own return to life more significant is the fact that He was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father (Romans 6:4). Only He had the power to do it. Jesus holds the distinction of being the only person born with no trace of sin. Because of this, only He could satisfy God’s requirement for justice. Only He could pay the penalty for our sins. Only He could open the door to eternal life in heaven so that everyone will get the chance to enter in.

The bedrock of our Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus. Kung hindi Siya nabuhay muli, our faith will be worthless. We will just be fooling ourselves. Gumagawa ng kuwento to make ourselves feel good.

“It is finished,” Jesus said before He drew His last breath. Tinapos na Niya ang pagkalat ng kamandag ng kasalanan sa mundo. Sinners like us can finally be set free. The Good News is the best news of all.

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Jesus, You are my Savior and my King. Someday ay makakapagpasalamat ako sa Inyo nang face to face. But before that time comes, help me live my life in gratitude of Your mercy, grace, and love.


May kilala ka bang hindi pa nakarinig sa best news of all? Today is the perfect day to tell him/her about Jesus. Contrary to the popular image we see of Him displayed in many places, He is not on the cross anymore. Buhay Siya!

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