APRIL 2024

Health Is Wealth

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Narrated by Jamey Santiago-Manual & Written by J. Silvestre C. Gonzales

Hindi ba ninyo alam na ang iyong katawan ay templo ng Espiritu Santo na nasa inyo?

1 Mga TagaCorinto 6:19a

Generally speaking, many of us take our health for granted. Bakit ko nasabi ito? Kasi inaabuso natin ang ating katawan sa pagkain ng junk food, di pag-eexercise, at pagtulog nang hatinggabi na.

Nare-realize lang natin ang kahalagahan ng ating kalusugan kung matatanda na tayo. Sino ba ang mga health conscious ngayon? Yung mga senior citizens! It is only when we are about to lose our health that we begin to appreciate its real value!

We should do something about our sedentary lifestyle. In the olden times, our ancestors would work hard on the farm or in the seas. Banat talaga ang kanilang katawan dahil sa kanilang trabaho sa pagsasaka o pangingisda.

If they have to take a bath, they have to fetch water from the community well. If the women have to wash clothes, they would need to walk to the nearby river, and wash the clothes by hand.

And since fast food has not been invented yet, they would eat more vegetables, fruits, and grains. The simple formula for living then was more work, less eating.

Ngayon binaliktad natin less work, more eating. We sit in our air-conditioned offices and do work through our computers. With the proliferation of restaurants offering buffet meals and bottomless drinks, we eat a lot. 

We need to go back to the original formula less eating, more work. And that means doing more exercises like walking, stretching, running, swimming, or even household work.

Let’s do something drastic about our lifestyle. Let’s improve the way we eat, the way we live. Doctors are now saying that major diseases that affect today’s generation are caused more by their sedentary lifestyle and not by their genes.

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Salamat po sa Inyong reminder na dapat alagaan ko ang aking kalusugan. Tulungan po Ninyo ako na maging good steward ng aking katawan.


Magsimula ka na sa pag-eexercise mo — magstretch, maglakad, o tumakbo. At gawing regular ito.



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