Hindi Ka Niya Iiwan

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Narrated by Neo Rivera & Written by Olga Vivero

Ako ang inyong Diyos. Iingatan ko kayo hanggang sa pumuti ang inyong buhok at kayo’y tumanda. Kayo’y nilikha ko kaya tungkulin ko na kayo’y iligtas at tulungan.  

Isaias 46:4

Noong mga bata pa tayo, we dreamed of growing up. We dreamed of a time when we can do whatever we want when we become adults. When we grew up, however, na-realize nating mahirap pala. Sana wala na lang bills to pay o responsibilities to carry. We wish we could go back to playing and be like little children to our parents again.

Minsan, feeling natin we were left to fend for ourselves. Para tayong inihagis sa dagat. Hindi tayo marunong lumangoy while we are told that we need to survive. We become afraid and worried dahil hindi natin alam ang gagawin.

In the midst of a difficult #Adulting season, we can find encouragement from the Word of of God. According to Isaiah 46:4 (GNT), “I am your God and will take care of you until you are old and your hair is gray. I made you and will care for you; I will give you help and rescue you.”

If we are in a difficult situation – sickness, debt, or relationships – we can find rest in the truth that God will come to our aid. We must remember that we have a good Father in heaven and He will not abandon us ever. When we come to the end of ourselves, God will definitely carry us. Lalo na kapag maputi na ang buhok natin. Kapag senior na tayo at hindi na kumikita. Kapag ang tawag na sa atin ay lolo at lola.

Ngayong #Adulting season at pagdating man natin sa #Senior stage, we can be like children in the presence of God the Father – totally dependent on Him. God promised to take care of us. Sinabi na Niya na tungkulin Niyang iligtas at tulungan tayo. Nag-promise din si Jesus that He will be with us always until the end of the world (Matthew 28:20). And the Holy Spirit is in us (1 Corinthians 3:16). So why worry? We can be confident na Hindi Niya tayo iiwan.

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God, I know na hindi Ninyo ako pababayaan o iiwan kailanman. When I’m afraid and worried because of too many problems, remind me to be still. Help me to look forward to growing old with You full of hope and joy. Thank You. Amen.


Find someone older than you whose life is a testimony of God’s presence, care, and provision. Let this person inspire you.



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