APRIL 2023

Holy Tuesday: Can They Trap Him?

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Thank you for joining us once again for our series “The Suffering, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.” Let’s follow Jesus as He experiences the most difficult week of His life.

“Guro, alin po ang pinakamahalagang utos sa Kautusan?” tanong niya. Sumagot si Jesus, “Ibigin mo ang Panginoon mong Diyos nang buong puso, nang buong kaluluwa, at nang buong pag-iisip. Ito ang pinakamahalagang utos.”

Mateo 22:36–38

The religious leaders were on a mission. They were convinced that Jesus, who was growing more popular by the day, deserved death. May verdict na pero wala pa silang ebidensya. They needed proof that He was a false prophet. If only Jesus would say the wrong thing!

In four separate occasions, they laid the traps by asking difficult questions: First, on what authority was He doing what He’s doing? Second, should the people pay taxes to Rome? Third, is there marriage in heaven? And fourth, which is the greatest commandment in the Mosaic Law? One wrong answer and they can finally implicate Him.

Jesus displayed such wisdom and understanding that He successfully avoided His enemies’ traps. After all, He is the all-knowing God. In answer to the fourth question, He encapsulated the heart of the 613 commandments in the Old Testament. Malinaw ang sagot Niya: To love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind. He followed it up by saying, “And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” If He were to choose any of the hundreds of commandments, the religious leaders might have argued against it. The leaders were stumped. In fact, Matthew said that “no one was able to answer Him a word, nor did anyone dare from that day on to ask Him another question” (Matthew 22:46 ESV).   

In the most difficult week of His life, the only proof that Jesus gave was of His infinite wisdom, that He knows the end from the beginning. Truly, there is no trap big enough to catch the Son of God.

May we all put our trust in Jesus who did not hesitate to suffer for us. Join us tomorrow as we look into how Jesus was betrayed by one of His disciples.

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Dear Jesus, there are many things that I do not know or understand. Tulungan Mo po akong magtiwala sa Iyo sa bawat araw ng buhay ko.


Are you struggling with an issue right now that challenges your dependence on God’s wisdom? Give Jesus all your questions and trust Him to answer them in His way, and in His time.



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