APRIL 2023

Holy Monday: Jesus at the Temple

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Beng Jones-Alba

In today’s devotional, let’s recall what happened when Jesus entered the temple courts and saw the people buying and selling. Open your heart and allow God to speak to you.

Pumasok si Jesus sa Templo at ipinagtabuyan niyang palabas ang mga nagbibili at namimili roon. Ipinagtataob niya ang mga mesa ng mga namamalit ng salapi at ang mga upuan ng mga nagtitinda ng kalapati. Sinabi niya, “Sinasabi sa Kasulatan, ‘Ang aking tahanan ay tatawaging bahay-dalanginan.’ Ngunit ginawa ninyo itong lungga ng mga magnanakaw.”

Mateo 21:12–13

 Malaki ang templo ng mga Judio sa Jerusalem. Its area is larger than many football stadiums in America. Sa outer area ng templo makikita ang Court of the Gentiles kung saan matatagpuan ang pamilihan. Business for the money changers and dove sellers was brisk. For the out-of-towners, it was where they could buy animals for sacrifice and exchange their money to pay the annual temple tax.

When Jesus saw what was happening there, He was filled with rage. Sa sobrang galit Niya, pinalabas Niya ang mga tao at pinagtataob ang mga mesa at upuan. He said that they have made His house of prayer into a den of thieves. The people have violated the sacredness of God’s holy temple. Ang panalangin ay napalitan ng paninda; ang paghingi ng tawad sa Diyos ay natabunan ng paghingi ng tawad sa nagbebenta.

But this was not all He did at the temple, may lumapit sa Kanyang mga bulag at mga pilay at pinagaling Niya ang mga ito. Hindi Niya ipinagtabuyan ang mga nangangailangan sa Kanya. At the temple, in two separate instances, Jesus displayed His authority. First, over corruption, and then, over disease. The children shouted in the temple courts, “Hosanna to the Son of David!”  

The chief priests and the teachers of the law did not like what they saw. The Man of authority threatened theirs. They needed to do something to get rid of Him — fast. But will they ever succeed?

May God’s Spirit continue to speak to you and point you to Jesus as we reflect this whole week on the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

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You are the Lord of all, Jesus, and You have authority over all creation. Drive away any evil that is in my life as I submit my life and my heart to You. May I never be guilty of desecrating what is holy as I give You the glory.


Imagine your life as a house with many rooms. There is a room for your relationships, a room for your work, finances, and so on. If Jesus were to enter the rooms, will He need to “flip the tables”? Ask Him to tell you if you need to overhaul any of the rooms in your life.



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