Mas Mainit pa sa Lagnat

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Narrated by Miriam Quiambao-Roberto & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Last month, we looked into some of the miracles of Jesus. Today, we will continue to see more of Jesus’ miracles and know Him more. Welcome to our series “The Miracles of Jesus Part 2”.Welcome back to our series “The Miracles of Jesus.” Do you remember when Jesus turned the water into wine? Let’s look back to this miracle which happens to be His first recorded miracle.

Kaya’t nilapitan ni Jesus ang babae, hinawakan ito sa kamay at ibinangon. Noon di’y gumaling ito at naghanda ng pagkain para sa kanila.

Marcos 1:31

Have you ever had a fever so high that you couldn’t get out of bed? One minute you are drenched in sweat, and the next minute, you are shivering from the chills. You feel like you have been hit by a truck, with your muscles aching all over. A battle is being fought inside your body, and there is nothing you can do but to wait for it to be over. Meanwhile, while under a thick blanket, you wonder, “Will I ever get better? When will I be strong again?”

Peter’s mother in-law probably asked the same questions. She has been suffering from a high fever. For how long, we are not told. From her sick bed, she heard some commotion outside. May dumating na mga bisita. One of them entered her room and held her hand. With authority, this Man rebuked the fever and commanded it to leave her body. At that instant, she felt energy run through her veins again. How could this be? The Man took her hand and helped her up. She mustve asked Him, “Who are You? You have made me well.” At malamang tinanong din niya ito, “Kumain na ba kayo?” Immediately, “she got up at once and prepared a meal for them” (Luke 4:39, NLT).

Before coming to Peters house, Jesus already had a full day at the synagogue. While there, aside from teaching, He also cast out an evil spirit from a demon-possessed man (Luke 4:3135). This account tells us that there is no limit to the power of Jesus. Hindi Niya kinailangang “mag-recharge” for a full day before doing another miracle. More so, there is no limit to His love. Mas mainit pa sa lagnat ang pagmamahal Niya sa atin.

Indeed, there is no limit to the power of Jesus. And there is no limit to His love for each one of us. Join us again tomorrow in our series “The Miracles of Jesus Part 2”.

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Dear Jesus, You have power over my sickness and You have love for me in Your heart. Thank You for taking my hand and lifting me up when I am too weak to get up.


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