MARCH 2024

May Suliranin Ka Ba?

by | 202403, Devotionals

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Timmy Yee

Ang taong matuwid, may suliranin man, sa tulong ni Yahweh, agad maiibsan. Kukupkupin siya nang lubus-lubusan, kahit isang buto’y hindi mababali. Ngunit ang masama, ay kasamaan din sa taglay na buhay ang siyang kikitil. Mga lingkod niya’y kanyang ililigtas, sa nagpapasakop, siya ang mag-iingat!

Awit 34:19–22

Some people place their trust in insurance and stock investments for their future, some in their careers, while others in the wealth of their parents. But what if the economy fails? What if you get sick and it depletes your family’s wealth? Paano kung magsara ang iyong pinagtratrabahuan? Saan ka na pupunta? Life can be unpredictable, and the sudden turns can catapult us to a tragic fall. And when this happens, who can help us? How can we be saved?

Psalm 34:19–22 talks about the comfort we can find in the Lord Jesus when we surrender to His will. Unlike any insurance in this world, the assurance that Jesus gives us is unaffected by the troubles of this fallen world. And so, even if it is wise to invest in your future via monetary investments, the wisest investment is to fully surrender everything to the lordship of Jesus Christ. It storm proofs you from the troubles that we will surely experience in this world and in our lifetime. Our relationship with our Father in heaven prevents us from falling into a sinful and destructive life. Does this mean that we will no longer experience pain and tragedies in life? Far from it. What our relationship with God does is it enables us to go through life’s challenges and makes us thrive even when this happens. God’s desire is for us to have the assurance that is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Lord Jesus, I am aware that I cannot be assured in this world by material things. All the things that I have acquired came from You. And so, I surrender all of these to Your lordship. Guide me and mold me into someone who trusts and acknowledges You as my Lord and Savior. In Your name I pray. Amen


May suliranin ka ba? Magtiwala na tutulungan ka ng Diyos. Make time to read the Word of God and be assured of His help.



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