MARCH 2024

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Narrated by Rebecca M. Cabral & Written by Rebecca M. Cabral

This week is a special week for believers of Jesus Christ because this Holy Week, we commemorate the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Savior. And today, on Palm Sunday, let’s look back to the time when Jesus began His journey toward His death on the cross.

Nagsigawan ang mga taong nauuna at sumusunod sa Kanya. Sigaw nila, “Purihin ang Anak ni David! Pinagpala ang dumarating sa pangalan ng Panginoon! Purihin ang Diyos!” Pagpasok ni Jesus sa Jerusalem, nagulo ang buong lunsod. “Sino kaya ito?” Tanong nila. “Si Jesus, ang propetang taga-Nazaret sa Galilea,” sagot ng karamihan.

Mateo 21:9-11

The people welcomed Jesus with their warm reception when He arrived in Jerusalem. But amid their praises, Jesus’ heart was grieved. He knew that some of those people would turn their back against Him, betray Him, and crucify Him.

Are not some of us like those among the cheering crowd? We welcomed Jesus into our lives, we vowed to follow Him, but when we experience success, or life gets tough, we forget Him. Just take the example of a man named James.

At a young age, he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. He resorted to stealing to finance his addiction. His parents couldn’t do anything except to pray for their son. When he learned that he became a target to be killed, he went into hiding. Isolated and lonely, he cried out to God to take him out of his dark situation, and he promised to follow Him. God granted his prayer, but when he became successful, muling nalulong sa bisyo si James. Nang mawalan ng trabaho at naghirap, he remembered how he turned his back on God and failure to keep his promise. Again, he repented. For the second time, tinanggap siya ni Jesus at muling nakabangon. Bumalik siya sa kanyang pamilya and he is now with them serving the Lord.

It was on Palm Sunday when Jesus began His journey toward His death on the cross, His ultimate sacrifice to set us free from the power of sin and death. When we welcome Christ into our lives and walk in His ways, we are assured of eternal life with Him. He is ready to love and forgive us, like what He does for people like James who need a second chance.

Join us again tomorrow as we continue to reflect on the sufferings, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

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Panginoon, salamat for You are good, and Your mercy is endless. Thank You for shining Your light upon me and for paying the penalty of my sins on the cross. Tulungan Mo akong maging forever ang pagtanggap ko sa Iyo sa aking buhay. Amen!


Basahin at pagnilayan ang mensahe ng four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) upang mapanatili si Jesus sa iyong buhay. Papurihan Siya sa panahon ng kasaganaan, at pagtiwalaan Siya sa panahon ng mga pagsubok at kahinaan.



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