APRIL 2024

Push Mo Lang ‘Yan!

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Jude G. Agbayani

Welcome sa second and last part ng ating short series na “To Mute or Not to Mute.” Kahapon, we learned when it’s time to mute ourselves. Alamin naman natin ngayon kung kailan tayo dapat mag-unmute.

Huwag kayong gumamit ng masasamang salita; lagi ninyong sikapin na ang pangungusap ninyo’y makakabuti at angkop sa pagkakataon upang pakinabangan ng mga makakarinig.

Mga Taga-Efeso 4:29

Madalas mag-jogging ang magkapatid na sina Jenna and Kyla sa kanilang village. Kasabay din nila sa pag-exercise si Mon, ang kanilang kapitbahay who is very consistent in his daily exercises.

One morning as Jenna and Kyla were walking their dog, they noticed Mon coming home from his morning jog. Kyla whispered to Jenna, “Wow! Look at Mon. He lost weight!” Jenna signaled Mon to come. Kyla stopped her sister, “Hey, don’t tell him that. It’s embarrassing.” Jenna asked, “If you see someone doing something great, would you hold off giving a compliment?” Kyla nodded and gave her sister a thumbs-up.

“Uy, Mon! Ang laki na ng pinayat mo ha,” sabi ni Jenna kay Mon. “Ha? Naku, sakto lang naman,” nahihiyang sagot ni Mon. “Naku, kitang-kita namin ang difference. Keep it up,” sagot ni Jenna. Mon smiled and walked confidently home.

People who continue to grow and improve themselves are an inspiration. It doesn’t matter if they’re losing weight or starting over in life. We celebrate the pounds shed and the success in the new career. But what we don’t see are their struggles to keep it together. Kaya kailangan din nila ng words of encouragement to push through.

Paul reminds us to speak words that build others up rather than tear them down. Cheering other people’s progress motivates them to continue improving themselves. Words have so much power that they can brighten someone else’s day or dampen it. So why not be gracious in giving sincere encouraging words to uplift each other?

We hope you’ve been encouraged by our short series “To Mute or Not to Mute.” Don’t forget to encourage someone today by speaking words that build up. And remember to share our Tanglaw devotions to your friends.

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Lord, lead me to someone with whom I can speak words of encouragement today. May my words uplift their spirits and motivate them to keep going by your grace. Amen.


Recall any friend who is going through a personal transformation. Ask them how they are doing and commend their resolve to pursue growth no matter what.



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