APRIL 2024

Radikal Magmahal

by | 202403, Devotionals

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Sari-saring kaguluhan ang bunga ng kapootan, ngunit ang pag-ibig ay pumapawi sa lahat ng kasalanan.

Mga Kawikaan 10:12

“My brother was brutally killed,” Tom started to tell his story. His policeman brother was attacked and killed by criminals. After four months, the man who stabbed his brother was captured. Together with a Christian friend, Tom went to the detention center to see him.

There, Tom stood face to face with his brother’s killer. Following God’s command, he shared the gospel with the criminal, who then confessed his sin of murder in graphic detail. The broken man finally realized that he needed a Savior. In that room, Tom led him in prayer to accept Jesus into his heart. Before parting ways, the man asked who he was. Tom, overcome with emotions, could not speak. His companion answered for him, “This is Tom; he is the brother of the policeman you killed.” Shocked, the man broke down and fell at Tom’s feet, sobbing uncontrollably. Tom lifted him up and tearfully said, “God has forgiven me; He has forgiven you; and I forgive you.”

This true story of radical love is one for the books. Ilan kaya sa atin ang magagawa ang ginawa ni Tom?

God’s love is like the ocean and our hearts, like a tiny cup. Can you contain the ocean in a tiny cup? You cannot. It won’t be long until the cup is filled to the brim and overflows. In Tom’s case, God’s love supernaturally spilled from his heart and over his brother’s killer. That day, a criminal became a Christian. That day, a deep and painful wound started to heal. What an amazing story of forgiveness and redemption. Only God can write a story of love as radical as this.

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Did You really mean it, Lord, that I should love my enemies? Then work in my heart, Jesus, so that it will be Your unconditional love that I share with others and not simply mine.


Can you extend forgiveness to somebody who has hurt and wounded you deeply? May pangalan bang ibinulong sa iyo ang Diyos? Depend on the Holy Spirit to help you love radically.



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