JULY 2022

Reaping What You Sow

by | 202207, Devotionals

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Thelma A. Alngog

Mahabang panahon akong nagtiis ng matinding init ng araw, at lamig ng gabi. Kulang na kulang ako sa tulog. Iyan ang naranasan ko sa loob ng dalawampung taon kasama ninyo.

Genesis 31:4041a

Have you heard the saying, “Kung ano itinanim mo, siya mo ring aanihin”? Na kapag nanloko ka, maloloko ka rin ng iba? In Genesis 27, we read about Jacob, who deceived his father, and then his twin brother Esau twice. Jacob was then deceived and cheated by his uncle, Laban. When Jacob was at Laban‘s place, he told Laban that he wanted to marry his daughter. Willing siya na magtrabaho for seven years for her hand in marriage. But his uncle deceived him dahil si Lea, ang other daughter, ang ibinigay sa kanya. Jacob had to work for another seven years just to have Rachel as his wife(Genesis 29:27). Later on, nalaman ni Jacob na niloko ulit siya at sampung beses na binago ni Laban ang hatian ng kita. Jacob experienced being deceived by his family and for twenty years, he paid for his wrong decisions.

Jacob packed his bags and together with his wives, children, and animals, left his uncle’s property. In a dream, God talked to Laban and ran after Jacob. Sinabi ni Jacob, If the God of my father had not been on my side the God of Abraham and the fearsome God of Isaac you would have sent me away empty-handed. But God has seen your abuse and my hard work. That is why he appeared to you last night and rebuked you!(Genesis 31:42 NLT). In end, Jacob and Laban reached an agreement. As for Esau, nagkita rin sila ni Jacob later on at nagkapatawaran.

What can we learn from the complicated life of Jacob? The deceiver himself was deceived. Pero buti na lang na God transformed Jacob and gave him a new name, Israel. God also remembered the toil of Jacob’s hands and promised him numerous blessings. Jacob’s life ultimately teaches us: We definitely reap what we sow. And that nobody is too bad to be changed by God.

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Lord, help us make good choices in life. Thank You for choosing us not because of anything that we have done. Anuman ang gusto Ninyong ipagawa sa amin, teach us to do it well. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


God will speak loudly of His goodness if you excel and become a blessing to people around you. Maging masipag at masigasig sa paglilingkod sa Diyos. Commit and do your work all for God’s glory!



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