Show, Don’t Tell

by | 202211, Devotionals

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Narrated by Lara Quigaman & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Sinumang nagsasabing nananatili siya sa Diyos ay dapat mamuhay tulad ng pamumuhay ni Jesu-Cristo.

1 Juan 2:6

If you suddenly lost the ability to speak, will people know how much you love God? Kapag napaos na ang boses mo, paano mo ito sasabihin sa kanila?  

It’s easy for us to tell the world na Christian tayo. Magpost ka lang ng Bible verse sa Facebook page mo araw-araw, o di kaya’y ilagay sa description mo sa profile: Child of God, with matching Scripture quotation pa. Pero ilang beses na rin ba nating naririnig ang reklamo ng iba about us: “Hmp! Akala ko pa naman Christian siya. Eh bakit ako minura sa comment niya sa akin dahil nagdisagree siya sa sinabi ko?”

We Christians are called to a higher standard. The world is watching us. People are waiting to catch us make a mistake so they can point their fingers at us and say, “I can’t believe na Christian ka! Bakit mo ‘yun ginawa?

Fiction writers follow this advice to create compelling stories: “Show, don’t tell.” For example, instead of writing, “She is a kind person,” the writer will describe kung ano ang ginawa niya. Like this, “Karen gave her extra sandwich to the homeless man.”

We, too, can follow the same advice in the way we live our lives. Our label should match our actions. Mas effective ipakita sa mga tao na we love God kaysa sa sabihin ito. Ang pagiging Christian natin should be more than just lip service. We should not just tell people, “I am with Christ,” but show that we act like Christ.

The next time you are tempted to snap at a waiter out of irritation, or gossip about a friend, or lie to your family, take a pause. Show people that you want to be like Christ and act like Him. Don’t just tell them, show them. They will believe your actions more than your words.

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Dear Jesus I want to tell people about You but I want to use more than words. May the Holy Spirit continue to work in me, so every day, I can become more like You. Amen.


Is there any particular bad habit or attitude that you are struggling with? Ano ang karaniwang naririnig mong reklamo about you? It’s time for a change! This week, trust the Holy Spirit to help you make small changes until you are transformed. Copy Galatians 5:22–23, and keep it with you and read it until you’ve memorized it.



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