The Gift of Sleep

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Narrated by Celeste Endriga-Javier & Written by Celeste Endriga-Javier

Sa aking paghiga, nakakatulog nang mahimbing, pagkat ikaw, Yahweh, ang nag-iingat sa akin.

Awit 4:8

Paikot-ikot si Raquel sa kanyang kama, hindi mapakali. The whole world was already snoring pero shes still wide awake. She heard the neighbors rooster crowing tumitilaok na shortly after, sumilip na ang araw. It’s been seven days since she last slept soundly. Pagod na pagod na ang katawan niya, but her mind was still busy thinking about many things. The events that are happening around her seem to be on instant replay and these kept her bound in fear and anxiety.

Desperate for some relief, she called her Christian friend. I just want to sleep,she said over the phone, crying. Her friend said, “That’s just the devil bothering you. Let me pray for you.Raquel was skeptical of her friend’s offer. Can a short prayer cure my insomnia? Nevertheless, she closed her eyes and prayed with her friend. After a few minutes, dinalaw na siya ng antok. When she woke up, she said to herself, “That must have been the sweetest sleep I have ever had in my life! Ano bang klaseng prayer yon?

There is a saying that the truly rich person is the one who is able to sleep well, night after night. Deep sleep restores the body and the spirit. This explains why everyone desires to receive the gift of a good night’s sleep. It’s no joke because in a year, people have been spending 78.7 billion dollars in global market revenue para sa sleeping aids and remedies! 

But did you know that as a follower of the Lord Jesus, we already have this treasure? It is written in Psalm 4:8, “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.”  

The God of the universe, who made us as His own, watches over us. He will and is taking care of us. Let His precious gift of sleep refresh our souls.

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Lord, You know what’s on my mind financial needs, strain in my relationships or struggles with my health. I don’t want to dwell on these problems anymore. Wala na po akong alam na solusyon. I give all these concerns to You. Palitan Ninyo po ang lahat ng fears ko with Your peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Are you seeking for the gift of deep sleep brought about by the peace in  Christ? Gaya ni Raquel, isang tawag lang, may change your life. Reach out to CBN Asia and talk to one of the counselors. Click the chat button to start the process.



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