Be An Andrew

by | 202311, Devotionals

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Narrated by Sonjia Calit & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Unang hinanap ni Andres ang kanyang kapatid na si Simon. Sinabi niya rito, “Nakita na namin ang Mesiyas!” (Ang kahulugan ng salitang ito’y Cristo). At isinama ni Andres si Simon kay Jesus.

Juan 1:4142

If somebody were to ask you today, “What do you know about Andrew of the Bible?” Your answer would probably be short. Not much has been written about him. Mas kilala kasi ang kapatid niyang si Peter although they were both apostles of Jesus. But even if he isn’t as well-known as his brother, Andrew also made significant contributions to the history of Christianity.

Do you remember that he was the one who introduced his brother Peter to Jesus? This was after he immediately recognized Jesus as the Messiah that people have been prophesying about. He remained a faithful disciple throughout Jesus’ three-year ministry. Nanatili siyang si Andrew, always ready to lead people to the Teacher. In fact, in John 12:2022, we can read how he, together with Philip, brought some Greeks to meet Jesus. He also brought a boy with two fish and five loaves to the Master, who then multiplied them to feed 5,000. After Jesus was crucified, Andrew traveled across the Mediterranean area preaching about Him. Church tradition says he died a martyr, crucified on an X-shaped cross. 

We might not have the brilliance of the apostle Paul or the zealousness of Peter, but can we aspire to have the friendliness of Andrew? He was kind, friendly, and quick to accept others. He did not stop people from coming to Jesus but instead became a bridge. Nakita niya ang need for everyone to know Jesus and experience a relationship with Him. And every time, the people he led to Jesus were changed.

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Dear Jesus, many times I feel unworthy to bring people to You. Or maybe, I just don’t exert any time and effort to do it. Teach me, Lord, to become like Andrew and be able to lead people to You.


Care to be like Andrew and lead somebody to Jesus? This week, ask God to put a person in your heart that you can introduce to Jesus. Pray for an opportunity to talk to him/her. Trust God; the Holy Spirit will give you the right words to say.



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