APRIL 2024

Blind Spots

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Bakal ang nagpapatalim sa kapwa bakal at isip ang nagpapatalas sa kapwa isipan. Mga

Kawikaan 27:17

“You should think twice about accepting this job. It will take you away from your family,” a concerned friend said. Another added, “Do you really feel that it’s wise for a Christian to work for a company that promotes greed and love for money?” These are their words to Jason who has been offered a job as a dealer in the newly opened casino in another city.

Jason’s first thought was that this job would benefit his family. Magka-college na ang panganay niya, and he needs money to build their own house. But before saying yes to the job offer, he mentioned it to his two closest friends. They honestly told him how they felt about it. Ginawa nila ito because they love him and want the best for him.

Do we have people around us who are like Jason’s friends? Proverbs 27:17(NIV) tells us, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We need the help of other people to make us into better versions of ourselves. ‘Yung blind spots na meron tayo, nakikita nila. Speaking the truth in love, they will tell us what’s wrong — or what’s right — about us and what we do.

Don’t let the sin of pride keep you from listening to helpful advice. In all of life, we need people around us who can build us up, like iron sharpening another iron. At ganun din naman, we should be this kind of person to others. Let’s help each other with our blind spots.

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Dear Jesus, I am a work in progress. Thank You for sending people who care enough to tell me that I am less than perfect. Give me the patience to listen to them, the humility to accept their words, and the power to change. Amen.


How do you deal with constructive criticisms? Is your first instinct to be defensive? The next time you are criticized, be humble and thank the person na pumupuna sa iyo. Reflect, pray, and ask trusted people how you can improve.



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