APRIL 2023

Welcome, Jesus

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Beng Jones-Alba

This Holy Week, we commemorate the suffering , death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Join us this whole week as we reflect on the highlights of these momentous events.

Kinabukasan, nabalitaan ng maraming taong dumalo sa pista na si Jesus ay papunta sa Jerusalem. Kumuha sila ng mga palapa ng palmera, at lumabas sila sa lunsod upang siya’y salubungin. Sila’y sumisigaw, “Purihin ang Diyos. Pinagpala ang dumarating sa pangalan ng Panginoon! Purihin ang Hari ng Israel!”

Juan 12:12–13

The people who have come for the festival in Jerusalem heard that Jesus was coming. They thought, “We should welcome Him!” But they did not have anything fancy to offer Him. No red carpet was rolled. No battalion of soldiers waited at the gate. Instead, some people spread their coats on the ground while others waved palm branches to greet Him.

At paano Siya dumating? Did He come wearing a flashy robe riding a galloping horse? No, He came wearing poor man’s clothes and riding a lowly donkey. No surprise here. He has always challenged the norm and the expected. The king of kings arrived not in splendor but in humility.

Sa puntong ito, marami na ang nakakakilala kay Jesus. They have seen Him perform miracles — raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons. But out of the many people who were admiring Him, how many of them have truly welcomed Him? No, not with palm branches but with their hearts open and ready to receive Him.

Jesus was about to go through the most difficult days of His life. Mangyayari na ang nakatakdang mangyari, kung bakit Siya kinailangang dumating sa mundo. Did He ever feel any hesitation, any fear while entering Jerusalem? The next several days will be crucial and will change the landscape of history. The greatest battle for eternity will soon be fought. The Victor will gain more than a crown. He will save the world.

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes while listening to our devotional for today. But most of all, we hope you truly welcome Jesus into your heart as your Savior. Tune in again tomorrow for the continuation of our series “The Suffering, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.”

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Dear Jesus, have I really welcomed You into my heart and into my life? In the next coming days, reveal to me who You are and the significance of what You have done. May I, too, praise You and say, “Blessed are You who come in the name of the Lord.”


Think about the attributes of Jesus and pick one or two and praise Him for it. For instance, consider His goodness and compassion. Recall the times in your life that You have experienced how good and compassionate He was to you. Pray today and tell Him, “I praise You, Jesus, for who You are. I remember the time when ____________ .”



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