APRIL 2024

Morning Prayer

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Narrated by Camilla Kim-Galvez & Written by Yna S. Reyes

Kung umaga’y ipadama iyong wagas na pag-ibig, at sa buong buhay nami’y may galak ang aming awit.

Awit 90:14

Sinulat ni Moses ang Awit 90 during the 40 years na naglalakbay siya at ang Israelites tungo sa Promised Land. Imagine waking up each morning to the reality that you will walk miles and miles sa gitna ng disyerto. And you will do the same thing the next day and the next, for many weeks and months and years ahead. Ang layo-layo pa ng Promised Land! Meanwhile, what could the wandering Jews look forward to every morning?

Moses believed that only God’s steadfast love could sustain them in their long journey. That’s why he prayed, “Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days” (ESV). Moses knew that the days ahead would be long and difficult. But he also knew that the Lord was with them and that He loved them with an unfailing love. And that they would rejoice in the end if they remained content in His love.

We are no different from the wandering Jews. Each morning may be a struggle for us. Another long line sa MRT. Another boring day in the office. The same desk work. The difficult people. The problems that won’t go away. Just like wandering in the desert!

If you believe in the God that Moses trusted with his life, try praying his prayer each morning you wake up. Before you even ask for His help for the day, seek His heart in the morning. Before you open your hands for His blessings, open your heart to His love. Then feel His warm embrace.

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Lord, forgive me for looking for satisfaction in so many places and people. Deep inside, my heart cries out for You. You are all I want. Satisfy me in the morning with Your steadfast love that I may rejoice and be glad all my days. Amen.


Where have you looked for satisfaction? List each one down. Then draw a big cross over your list and submit it to the Lord.



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