JULY 2023

Who Will You Follow?

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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Beng Alba-Jones

Ang namumuhay nang tapat ay pinaghaharian ng kapayapaan, ngunit ang may likong landas ay malalantad balang araw.

Kawikaan 10:9

Imagine that you are an accountant. One day, your manager comes to you and says, “You need to underreport our revenue so we can pay less taxes.” It was not a question but an order. As a Christian, alam mo na mali ito. Ano ang gagawin mo? 

The Hebrew midwives in Egypt faced a similar compromising situation but with lives of the innocent at stake. Dumarami na ang Israelites and the Egyptians feared that they might soon be outnumbered and overpowered. As a remedy, the king ordered the women, “Kill all the newborn males.” The midwives, however, chose to disobey. In Exodus 1:17 (NLT), we read, “But because the midwives feared God, they refused to obey the king’s orders. They allowed the boys to live, too.”

There will come a point in our lives when it will not be a hypothetical challenge anymore. Our integrity will be tested. Do you have moral principles solid enough not to crack under extreme pressure? Or will you rationalize evil and say that you are just doing what you’ve been told, dodging all responsibility for your actions?

Consider doing what Peter and the apostles did. After their miraculous escape from jail, they continued to teach the people, against strict orders. When confronted by the high council, “Peter and the other apostles answered, ‘We must obey God, not you!’” (Acts 5:29 ERV)

Will you follow orders or not? God, the source of infinite wisdom, can tell you. Ask Him to clear your mind and direct your heart, and then honor Him with your obedience.

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Dear Jesus, as the Holy Spirit led You in the wilderness, may He also lead and teach me the way. I want to honor You with my life every day.


Is somebody or a situation asking you to bend the rules? Pause before acting on it and pray. Be prepared to face the consequences even if you do the right thing. Huwag matakot. The Lord will uphold you and fight for you.



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