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Narrated by Peter Kairuz & Written by Olga Vivero

Nanalangin ako, “O Diyos, palakasin po ninyo ako.”

Nehemias 6:9b

Minsan, kulang ang 8 hours para matapos ang lahat ng trabaho. Minsan, kulang ang oras para ma-review ang lahat ng coverage ng exam. Minsan, favors are against you at parang sobrang hirap ng mga gagawin.

Sa sobrang busy at dami ng kailangang gawin, minsan gusto mo na lang talagang magbakasyon sa malayo at hindi na bumalik, ‘di ba? Pero what if ang difficult task at hand ay talaga namang ipinapagawa ni Lord? Tatakasan mo ba? Would you risk disobeying God? What should you do?

We could learn a thing or two from the Bible character named Nehemiah. Nehemiah was assigned by the Lord to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. In the book of Nehemiah, particularly in Chapter 6, he faced many oppositions from people who were also trying to harm him. Imagine how stressful it was for him. But Nehemiah didn’t stop. Instead, he prayed, “God, make me strong!”

When we are doing something the Lord has assigned to us, expect the enemy to discourage us through our thoughts, misfortunes, failures, or opposition from other people. Like Nehemiah, let us stand our ground and go at once to our Source. Let us ask Him for strength and endurance.

Even Jesus, who dreaded suffering on the cross, was strengthened at the time He needed it the most (Luke 22:39-43). Kaya remember, anumang mahirap na bagay ang kailangan nating kaharapin, God will provide for us enough strength and other resources to be victorious. ‘Wag kang susuko. Kayang-kaya ‘yan by the grace of God!

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Lord, thank You for entrusting to me a task that I know will glorify You. Lord, please make strong and help me complete the task You’ve given me. You are the source of my strength, Jesus. Amen.


Ask the Lord to reveal areas of your life where you feel weakest. Ito ba ay sa area ng resources, talino, support, o confidence? Ask the Lord to strengthen you in these areas and show you that it is through His spirit that you will be able to accomplish your mission. Lastly, read and memorize Philippians 1:6.



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