The Bright Side of Failure

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Narrated by Erick Totanes & Written by Honeylet Venisse Velves

Mga kaaway ko, huwag kayong magalak dahil sa nangyari sa akin! Kung ako ma’y nadapa, muli akong babangon. Kung ako ma’y nasa kadiliman, tatanglawan ako ngayon ni Yahweh.

Mikas 7:8

Na-feel mo na bang lagi kang talunan? Na kahit anong effort mo ay kulang pa rin? Ang hirap talaga when experiencing failure hits our spirit and crushes our soul.

But today, I want to encourage you and tell you that we can turn things around. Ang unang dapat nating itanong sa sarili is, “How do I view failures?” Here are some truths about failure:

  1. Failure is a blockage. Failing is like hitting a wall na naghihinder sa atin toward reaching the promises that God has given us. Satan, the enemy, always reminds us of these failures. He deceives us by telling us na wala na tayong magagawa dahil sa ating pagkakamali. It may be inevitable for us to fail but these failures don’t have to define us.
  2. Failure is a mirror. It oftentimes causes us to reflect on our limitations, and it makes us realize who we really have to depend on — God.
  3. Failure is a stepping stone to greater heights. Parang kwento ni Peter. He truly loved Jesus. Pero during His trial, Peter denied Him three times. He betrayed Jesus. He failed. But Peter recommitted his life to God, repented, obeyed, and even became the chief disciple.

Kaya kapag feeling natin it’s too dark due to our failures, remember that God is there to shine His light upon us.

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Panginoon, I have failed so many times at hindi ko na po alam kung paano babangon. Ayoko na pong ma-paralyze due to my failures. At ina-acknowledge ko po na sa Inyo lang ako dapat magtiwala dahil You see beyond my failures and binibigyan Ninyo ako ng kalakasan tumayong muli.


Alin sa “three truths about failures” ang hinaharap mo ngayon? Take time to reflect and listen to what God wants you to do about it right now.



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